lördag, april 16, 2011

Jag och Gaddafi-familjen, vi är så här! (sträck upp två ihopvirade fingrar)

I NEED YOUR HLEP Good day, sir This message may come to you as a surprise I am contacting you because of the problem we are having in my country Libya which the problem is getting more tough everyday I am. Aisha Gaddafi the daughter of Muammar Gaddafi the president of Libya I am right now in west Africa I have some hug amount of money which I need a foreign partner to invest if you are interested to assist me on this transaction which I will compensate you get back to me for more detail and also keep it confidential reply me on this email: aishaaa11112@live.com send me your full name, address, telephone number including your occupation Yours sincerely Aisha Gaddafi

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